About Us

Extreme Pool Lining since 1988

The Extreme Pool Lining System is the ideal solution for lining on both new and refurbished pool projects. The tough 1.5mm thick material reinforced with a polyester mesh, gives it the strength to withstand the highest expectations of the most heavily used public pool and the quality of finish to transform any domestic pool. Virtually any pool be lined regardless of its shape or construction making it the ideal choice for your pool. The material also contains UV stabilisers to protect it from the harmful effects of the sun and a protective lacquer to help reduce staining, making it easier to clean and maintain.

Guaranteed for 10 years but with a life expectancy of 15- 20 years. Extreme lined pools can be comfortably run at temperatures up to 32oC.

The Extreme pool lining system is the ideal choice for Schools, Hotels, Holiday Parks, Hydrotherapy Pools, Deck Level Pools and Domestic Pools.

The material is brought to site and is cut and tailored to suit the shape of the pool, unaffected by frost and ice the system can be installed at any time of year.

With no drying or curing times, your pool can be transformed and back in use within days.

Available in a wide range of colours and patterns, with non slip material available for steps and shallow pools. Racing lanes and motifs can also be incorporated into the pool. Plastica have successfully installed the system into over 3000 pools since introducing it into the UK in 1988.

A new addition to the Extreme range of linings available for 2014 is the 3D range of patterns. Manufactured in 2mm thick reinforced material incorporating a natural looking textured surface that makes it feel totally unique. Available in three distinctive patterns 3D Slate, 3D Sandstone and 3D Rustic all are designed to make swimming in your pool a pleasure for years to come.